The Ultimate Solution for Used Liner

POLPEL was created to change the concept of recycling through an innovative, sustainable, low-cost and effluent-free concept, which allows the recycling of paper considered non-recyclable by the industry and which had landfills as their final destination.

  • Innovative Concept

  • Sustainable Solution

  • Own Technology

  • Environmental Preservation


POLPEL is the only company in Brazil capable of recycling used paper liner. The noble fiber of the material (bleached long fibres) is recovered and sent to paper mills, which introduce it into their manufacturing process.

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Saving natural resources in paper manufacturing (wood, water, energy), reducing expenses with public cleaning and landfills and reducing pollution.

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From the recycling of special paper residues (with high resistance to humidity), we produce a cellulosic pulp called POLPEL CELULOSE, a raw material for paper production.

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Doubts, suggestions and compliments are part of our culture and we are always willing to listen to you.

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Ecologically Sustainable.

Through innovative technology, the company presents a clean and ecologically sustainable solution for the liner, using a recycling process that does not harm the environment. With the closed cycle, there is no generation of effluents and there is reuse of water within the process as well as later on in paper manufacturing.


The liner is a silicone paper, waxed or resined. It is the basis of the self-adhesive used in product labeling.

Recycled Liner

The liner, which used to be waste, follows a new cycle and becomes a raw material, transforming itself into cellulosic pulp and, later, returning to paper again.

Discarded Liner

POLPEL has developed a clean technology to transform liner waste into a product called “CELLULOSE POLPEL”.